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After years of embarrassing melasma/hyperpigmentation and numerous treatments of laser and prescribed topical medication, as well as, exploring the many melasma treatments on the internet, “nothing” and I do mean “nothing” has come to my rescue like “Herbal Face Food”.

I received your product three days before Christmas and used it three times a day. On Christmas Day, at a family gathering, I received a flattering compliment of how “great” I looked as they continued to gaze at my face.

Then, another three days later, I met up with a friend and the first thing they said was “You look so young!”.

I can’t find the words for what this amazing product has done for me, it has been a blessing from above. Your product has helped me regain a self esteem that had taken a hit for quite some time.

Andy Velazquez

Day 9 using my Herbal Face Food and my skin hasn’t felt this smooth in years. The skin around my neck scar is tightening, my dark spots are becoming lighter, my wrinkles are less noticeable. I put it on an ant bite yesterday that was burning and itching and within a few minutes it stopped and I didn’t even get a blister from that type of bite. Thank you for making such an amazing product!!

What I noticed most was the glow that returned and an even skin tone. My skin was softer and the wrinkles on my neck (like a tree trunk!) diminished. As someone who has autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto’s) disease, I have to be cautious about what I put on my skin because it affects my hormones. I’ve always believed everything you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream, so we’re on the same page there. I’ve worked in cosmetics for 23 years, so I’ve tried many, many things. I’m even more interested now. Your products and philosophy are something I can get behind. The world can definitely benefit from using HFF and needs to know about it.


Today makes one full week of using the Super Herbal Face Food… and YES I’m feeling the burn, in a good way. It’s definitely working like I remember. My face is brighter, softer, and more even. The breakout was bad due to a harsh cleanser( that I’ve stopped using and will return) it is minimal now and going away. I have it on a bug bite, and a rash on my decolletee from spraying perfume there, all gone in a matter of hours. My pores are appearing smaller. I am using less moistuizer or hardly any. It’s a great investment. I will order this time and time again. Staple in skincare routine.

Cesarae Irwin

I really feel like my face is “glowing”, for lack of a better word. It looks dewy and healthy. My friend actually noticed it one day in the beginning when I was on the 10 day trial. One of my main issues was dryness, I feel like that is not an issue at all anymore. I also feel like my sun spots are really starting to lighten up. My sister is on the 10 day trial and she had some acne on her neck that has completely disappeared! This stuff is seriously amazing!

Shelly Carey

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