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Praise for Herbal Face Food

I have had deep dermal melasma (hyper-pigmentation) on my face for over a decade. I've used every product and done every laser and peel out there with very little effect to lightening the melasma. I had pretty much given up hope of ever having beautiful skin again. I could not believe the difference in my skin after one month of using the Herbal Face Food.

The hyper-pigmentation was beginning to lighten and break up, I no longer had huge solid dark masses on my face. Now, over a year later, all that hyper-pigmentation is pretty much gone. I can go without makeup and even be in the sun without my face darkening up immediately. My skin is the healthiest it has ever been as an adult and this is now the only product I use. It has replaced a 15 step regimen that I used to do.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough, it is transformation in a bottle and worth it's weight in gold!!

-Beth Peterson

What Our Clients are Saying

Today is my one year anniversary on the face food. I have really loved every day of using this. My skin is firmer than it was years ago and so smooth. I don’t mind getting older, it’s a part of life, but the younger I look, the better I feel. I’m so thankful for face food and the smoothie. I have it daily as well and has really increased my energy and health.

Tammy Gravis

It has been about a week and have religiously put Organic Herbal Face Food on my face twice a day. Immediate results have been brighter, smoother and softer skin. I knew the true test would be today when i would be traveling all day by air.

Well, skin still looks refreshed tonight after getting up at 2AM traveling for approximate 5 hours in the air. My revolution for the week is: I find myself being very mindful of what goes into my body knowing I am putting this potent blend on my face.

Cheryl Murphy

I’ve been using the face food for about 3 months now. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Many friends and others are commenting about how fresh, moist, and glowing my skin is looking. I’m addicted. Love the feeling, scent, results. SOLD!!!


Just have to let you know that the longer you use the face food the better and more noticeable the results get. The few lines I have on my forehead have gotten much less deep and smoothed out. I have been using the face food for about 8 months now.

I do not use my moisturizers any longer. Seriously! My skin used to be dry and is not now.

Julie Fink

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